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Welcome to Lancaster Memorial Group

When was the last time you purchased anything that was designed to last for hundreds of years?

That is exactly what you will be doing when you purchase a memorial or marker to commemorate a life lived, a historical event, or a major achievement. For that reason, such a purchase should be planned and made with care and skill by a company with years of experience and a great reputation, so that it will always be a source of family pride.

Lancaster Memorial Group has been in existance for over 100 years operating in the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma regions surrounding Wichita Falls, Texas. The company was founded in 1906, originally under the name Henderson Monuments in Bowie, Texas, and continues to operate in its same location at 103 Cummins Street, Bowie, Texas. The company added the Lancaster Memorials name in 1979 shortly after Robert Lancaster joined the company as manager of the Bowie location.

In 2004, Henderson Monuments and Lancaster Memrorials acquired Winters-Hays Monument Company in Vernon, Texas. Winters-Hays has been in existance in Vernon, Texas since 1950, and continues to operate in its original location at 525 Wilbarger Street.

In 2007, Henderson Monuments and Lancaster Memorials opened a new sales office in Wichita Falls for added convenience to better serve our ever growing customer base. This new office is centrally located at 1709 Seymour Hwy ., Wichita Falls, Texas.

All three locations are staffed with a highly qualified and friendly personnel who are anxious to serve your family's needs.

Our companies specialize in the sale, design, manufacture and placement of permanent monuments and memorials in cemeteries, at schools, in parks, at churches, and at business locations throughout North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

Any life, historical event, or achievement can be permananetly memorialized in stone, granite, marble, bronze or brick. We pride ourselves in personalizing our monumnets to the specific needs and desires of each of our customers. If it is not convenient for you to come to any of our retail locations, there are several ways to contact us, and we will be glad to come to you.

You may contact us at any of the following offices:

 Lancaster Memorials

103 Cummins

Bowie, Texas 7623

Phone (940) 872-2244,

Fax (940) 872-2246

E-mail :

Lancaster Memorials

1709 Seymour Hwy.

Wichita Falls, Texas 76301

Phone (940) 322-1199

Fax (940) 723-4438


Winters-Hays Monuments

525 Wilbarger

Vernon, Texas 76384

Phone (940) 552-7581


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